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2023 half year WEEE collection figures reveals

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The Q2 WEEE collection figures for 2023 reveal that the UK is, close to, or slightly ahead of, the pro-rata annual target across most categories.

Compliance schemes have reported a total of 239,458 tonnes of WEEE collected from households in the first two quarters of 2023, representing a 50.7% progression toward the annual target.

REPIC’S Chief Executive, Louise Grantham, comments on the Q2 (April – June 2023) EEE placed on the market and WEEE collections data, which was published on 1st September by the Environment Agency:

“The Q2 data reported UK household WEEE collections for the first six months of 2023 that were close to, or slightly ahead of, the pro-rata annual target across most categories (50.7% of the total annual target was achieved).

While encouraging, we should remain cautious because the data also highlights the economic challenges currently facing UK households and the impact on consumer spending. This further underscores the need for ongoing monitoring of data and retaining an agile approach to policy going forwards to ensure all
relevant economic, social and technological factors are taken into consideration.

“What’s particularly striking is the substantial year-on-year reduction in the amount of EEE placed on the market in specific categories – Display 25%, IT & telecoms 23.7% and electronic tools 18.7% Additionally, the fluctuations in Cooling – 16% lower than the previous year in Q1 but 8% higher in Q2 – 4.6% lower overall. These figures illustrate the dynamic nature of consumer purchasing to external economic conditions.

“We currently have the highest interest rate in 15 years and the inflation rate recently peaked at its highest level for over 40 years, which is undoubtedly affecting UK households'
disposable income and spending habits. As consumers grapple with the impact of rising costs, which is evident in the reduction in the amount of EEE POM compared to last year, this could also affect the level of WEEE collections later in the year.”


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