Battery recycling facts and tips

With yearly UK targets to recycle end of life batteries, hopefully these facts and tips will help you think twice about what you do with your end of life batteries.

Every person in the UK uses around 10 batteries each year.

Around 38,000 tonnes of batteries are sold in the UK each year – that’s the equivalent weight of 362 Blue Whales.

The benefits of recycling batteries include:

  • Reduces the need for virgin resources
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Recovered materials can be used in new materials and products
  • Prevents valuable metals being dispersed in the waste which is sent for energy recovery or landfill
  • Keep new unused batteries in their original packaging, don’t mix them with used batteries

Keep used batteries away from metal and water. This can cause battery to short and suddenly cause a fire or react with acid to create hazardous fumes. Use a clearly labelled plastic, glass or wood container and store it in a dry place.