What should I do with used batteries?

What should I do with used batteries?

Batteries are found in every room of the home, in television remote controls, kid’s toys, alarm clocks and even doorbells! Outside of the home, batteries are also found in cars and more industrial appliances.

All batteries can be recycled once they have run out of charge.

There are lots of places where you can take your used batteries for recycling to prevent them from ending up in residual waste where the materials they contain will not be recovered.

Most shops and supermarkets have a collection bin in-store for the used batteries generated from home use, such as button cell, AA, AAA and 9v batteries. These are quite often closely located to the battery sales point. Shops that sell more than 32kg of these types of battery a year (that’s around 345 four-packs of AA batteries) are required by law to provide battery collection points for consumers.

You can also recycle batteries, including those from cars and the larger more industrial batteries, at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Use your postcode to find your nearest drop off point.

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