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REPIC teams up for safer battery collection

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The initiative aims to tackle a sector wide concern and will see battery collection drums and large signage placed next to the point where people discard their unwanted and broken small electrical appliances on Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs). These new collection drums will be in addition to the HWRCs current battery collection points; doubling the opportunity to capture used batteries.


The campaign message to the public is to separate batteries from their electrical appliances prior to discarding them at the HWRC, where possible. This clear message aims to reduce the chances of discarded batteries entering WEEE treatment processing lines and drive an increase in the separate battery collection rate.

“With an increasing number of fires at UK waste and recycling plants, estimated to be around 300 a year, encouraging the removal of batteries from unwanted and broken electrical appliances, ideally prior to them coming through the gates of the HWRC, or otherwise when the electrical appliances are discarded, could help mitigate any fire risk associated with discarded batteries.” commented, Graeme Milne, strategic business development director, at REPIC.

He added: “A fire risk can occur if discarded batteries in mixed waste are damaged during transport or processing. This risk is significantly reduced when discarded batteries are collected and processed separately. With new clear signage at the point of disposal, and a collaborative approach with our key partners, REPIC hopes the public will support the campaign and recycle their batteries separately.”


The campaign, which has involved a collaboration between Material Focus and REPIC’s key logistics partners, has been welcomed by the local authorities REPIC works with, and also its treatment partners.

The roll out, which started from 13th June, will see new battery collection drums and safety message posters strategically placed next to small mixed WEEE containers on almost 400 HWRCs partnered with REPIC.

For further information on the initiative and to register your interest, Local Authorities are being advised to email info@repic.co.uk

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