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Operation beach clean benefits whole community

Community-spirited volunteers carried out an ‘Operation Beach Clean’ event on the Isle of Sheppey, off the northeast coast of Kent, to enhance the Council’s efforts to maintain litter-free beaches for everyone to enjoy.


REPIC and EMERGE Recycling team up to support new e-waste recycling initiative launched in the North West

Greater Manchester based REPIC and EMERGE Recycling have teamed up to provide reuse and recycling for the new Recycle Your Electricals initiative, and welcome the campaign’s giant toaster (6.8ft by 12.8ft) for the first time to the North of England.

Case Studies

WEEE and battery kerbside collection service sees significant uplift

North Lincolnshire Council’s WEEE and Battery partnership with REPIC saw small mixed WEEE collected from its kerbside service increase by 28% in the twelve months of 2021.



Laura’s appointment to the team sees her bring with her over 17 years’ experience in the WEEE sector. For the past 12 years, Laura held various positions at Viridor, most recently as the Unit Manager at its WEEE and Fridge Recycling facility in St Helens.


Alternative waste reduction ideas

How to deal with your WEEE during the corona virus lockdown.



Louise Grantham has been appointed as the
new Chief Executive of REPIC.


Infographic: Tracking the journey of small, mixed WEEE

What are UK households doing with their small mixed WEEE?


Survey uncovers the generation gap when it comes to selling and recycling electrical items

UK homeowners aged between 16 and 29 are less likely than those over 60 to recycle electrical items that are either broken or in good working order, preferring instead to sell them online.


Watch: Researching alternative WEEE forecasting models

In 2017 REPIC commissioned the Lancaster University Pentland Centre team to research alternative WEEE forecasting models.
Watch this video to see the results.


WATCH: Responsible Recycling

R3P1C and Amp are on a mission to take on responsible recycling.
Watch to find out how you can help them.

(1 min watch.)

About Us

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REPIC operates not-for-profit producer compliance schemes for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), batteries and packaging.

Founded in 2004 by three of the main trade associations in the electrical and electronics industry in response to requirements set out in the WEEE Directive, REPIC supports its members in meeting their legal producer responsibility obligations with cost-effective, market-leading compliance solutions.

We’re proud to be the leading household WEEE producer compliance scheme in the UK. REPIC funds the collection, transport, and treatment of around half of all separately collected household WEEE each year.

In 2013 REPIC became a Founder Member of WEEE Europe enabling us to offer our members access to pan-European support for WEEE and Batteries compliance.

By delivering excellence in compliance today, we aim to play our part in shaping the circular economy of tomorrow.

What we do

REPIC is an industry-leading provider of producer responsibility solutions for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), batteries and packaging. As an approved producer compliance scheme, we finance the collection and treatment of end-of-life products on behalf of our producer members to help them comply with their regulatory obligations cost-effectively.

We work closely with local authorities, retailers, distributors and authorised approved treatment facilities (AATF) to give our members peace of mind that all waste is properly transported, handled and processed with clear and auditable routes.

Through our expertise and affiliations with many organisations in the producer responsibility sector, we provide a voice for our members to engage with Government and industry stakeholders. Enabling our members to have a say on the issues of today that will impact producer responsibility tomorrow.

Find out more about our services.

Our team

With our main office in Bury, the REPIC team is dedicated to delivering industry-leading producer responsibility solutions. Our commitment to collaboration, respect and expertise enables us to provide an unmatched level of excellence and value in our compliance services.

As well as working with our producer members, the REPIC team also works closely with government, local authorities, retailers, the reuse sector, and waste logistics, management and treatment businesses.

Our team of non-executive directors – elected by and from our member base – ensures that REPIC remains an organisation led by producers, representing producers.

Our structure


Our partners

REPIC is proud to be actively involved and affiliated with a range of organisations which share our ethos for fair and transparent implementation of producer responsibility legislation.

REPIC is a founder member of WEEE Europe, a pan-European non-profit-organisation based in Munich, Germany.

WEEE Europe offer a one-stop shop solution for producers placing EEE and batteries onto the European market. They support producers with their legal obligations regarding the WEEE and Batteries Directives observing the various corresponding national laws.  They offer:

  • Support with producer registration in 28 EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway
  • An online portal for centralised placed on the market EEE and Battery declarations
  • product classification in up to 120 different national categories
  • International consulting and contracts
  • Service of the leading partner Take-Back Systems in Europe

With many years of accumulated experience WEEE Europe offer an experienced and competent single point of contact, giving producers more time to get on with their core business.  For more information contact

The WEEE Forum is a knowledge and data sharing organisation formed by the other producer led national European WEEE compliance schemes. It has 38 members representing 27 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland.

REPIC is proud to be one of the first schemes to take part in the WEEE Forum’s new “twinning” initiative.  Launched in April 2021, to sustain growth and support new WEEE Producer Responsibility Organisations emerging across the globe. New members, many of which are being established ahead of the implementation of legislation in their countries, will have the opportunity to twin with a more experienced organisation. This will help the new scheme tap into the knowledge and experience of its current members, to help shape collection infrastructure, and also influence how e-waste legislation is developed.

REPIC has “twinned” with Colombia based, Red Verde. The pairing provides a unique opportunity for both organisations to share their best practice and experience, and thereby further develop the responsible global collection and recycling of e-waste.


AMDEA is the UK trade association for manufacturers of large and small domestic appliances; representing over 85% of the domestic appliance industry, rising to 90% of white goods brands. Members’ products include most of the UK’s top selling brands of major white goods, other large and small kitchen appliances, heating, water heating, floor care, waste disposal and ventilation equipment.

ICER is a cross-industry association focusing on waste electrical and electronic equipment. It is a unique source of knowledge and expertise on WEEE and the key forum for industry to get together and channel views to decision-makers in government.

The JTA (Joint Trade Associations Group) is an alliance of nine trade associations working with three Producer Compliance Schemes to help make the UK WEEE collection work well. The JTA was formed to represent the views of EEE producers to Government and the market regarding producer responsibility obligations, including the WEEE Regulations.

JTA is an unincorporated body and is not a legal entity.

Portable Batteries Stakeholder Group

Portable Batteries Stakeholder Group informs and advises DEFRA on progress and issues arising with the system collecting waste portable batteries.

TechUK  is a technology trade association that represents more than 780 companies.

WEEE Schemes Forum

A UK body comprising many of the UK’s WEEE Producer Compliance Schemes, providing a Forum to input into the UK and European legislative process.


CIWM Affiliated Organisation

REPIC is a CIWM Affiliated Organisation, and is part of the mission to influence, inform and inspire the sustainable management of resources and waste in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

REPIC is a member of the ESA – Environmental Services Association –  who is working to transform waste and resource management in the UK.

REPIC is a full member of the Resource Management Association in Scotland (RMAS). The RMAS is a not for profit, non-political membership organisation for micro, small and medium sized resource management companies operating in Scotland. With the aim to ensure its members are well informed and that priority issues, risks, and opportunities are communicated and represented effectively to the Government, its various agencies, the commercial sector and the public.

Our Commitment to the Environment

REPIC recognises a duty of care towards the environment. It is our aim that whilst carrying out business processes we will be committed to achieving our objectives and purposes in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

To view our latest environmental activities, please visit our Resource Hub here

  • Minimise any adverse impact our activities may have on the environment.
  • Minimise the consumption of resources wherever possible.
  • Consider the environment when procuring goods and services.
  • Promote waste reduction, re-use and recovery.
  • Fully comply with legislation and wherever possible exceed legislative requirements.
  • Engage the co-operation of our employees through consultation and the promotion of this policy.
  • Review regularly the basis of this policy and to explore options for improvement.
Environmental Policy

Green Travel Policy

REPIC is committed to reduce, or where this is not practical, minimise, any adverse impact our activities may have on the environment. Work-related travel, which comprises both business-travel and employees commuting to work, can have a negative environmental impact which we are committed to manage in order to maintain a high standard of overall environmental performance.

Green Travel Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

We care about the well-being of our employees and others affected by our business activities and are committed to maintaining a high standard of safe and healthy working conditions. 

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Modern Slavery Policy

REPIC has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery, which includes slavery, servitude, forced labour, human trafficking, or any other activity which deprives a person of their liberty in order to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.

We are committed to implementing effective systems to ensure that modern slavery does not occur as a consequence of our activities; either in our own business, the business of those organisations providing personnel to us, or the business of our service providers which collect, treat or consolidate WEEE and batteries on our behalf.

Modern Slavery Policy