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Edinburgh Council gets a positive reaction to new battery recycling service

Spotlight on safer battery recycling


Battery review: Q1 2022 and 2021 FY

In our latest blog, we review the UK’s achievement of its 2021 portable battery obligation and continue to monitor the discrepancy between lead-acid batteries placed on the market compared with the waste lead-acid batteries that are collected.


REPIC teams up for safer battery collection

An initiative to directly reduce the risk of fires at recycling centres and treatment plants has been launched this week, spearheaded and funded by the largest household WEEE producer compliance scheme, REPIC.


Battery market review: Q4

In our latest blog, we review the 2021 quarter four UK battery collection data published on 1st March 2022.


Battery market review: UK current progress in achieving its estimated 2021 obligation

In our latest battery blog, we review the 2021 Quarter One to Three data to assess the UK’s progress in meeting it’s indicative 2021 obligation.


Battery market review

In this portable battery market report, we provide a high-level overview of progress in achieving the indicative 2021 UK battery obligation.


Q1 2021 Battery market report

In our first portable battery market report for 2021 we review the most recently published 2021 UK waste portable battery data – that for Quarter One, January to March.



Dark nights, seasonal events and generally more time spent indoors, means at this time of year we use a lot of batteries in torches, Halloween and Christmas decorations, and TV remote controls.


WEEE is waste electrical and electronic equipment.

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WEEE Compliance Services What is WEEE? Retailer and Distributor Take Back

WEEE Compliance Services

REPIC is approved as a B2C and B2B producer WEEE compliance scheme by the Environment Agency. We are responsible for ensuring our members achieve their producer financing and reporting obligations for collection each year.

We pride ourselves in providing a market leading compliance solution and in ensuring that our members’ WEEE is responsibly recycled.

We work with many organisations to achieve this:


We are a producer-led not-for-profit compliance scheme which enables us to offer major benefits to our producer members.

We offer standard and bespoke B2C and B2B compliance services for producers, including:

  • guidance on preparation of EEE sales data and product scope
  • access to REPIC’s online registration system
  • cradle-to-grave tracking and reporting of WEEE collected and treated to provide auditable compliance
  • member workshops, focus groups and one-to one meetings
  • support with reporting and legislative needs
  • a member’s pack providing step-by-step instructions to compliance
  • access to a dedicated member only website area providing regular updates, guidance notes and essential compliance information
  • annual registration with the Environment Agency
  • updated obligation and market share information
  • annual confirmation of compliance information on collections, cost updates and forecasts
  • independent audit and verification of cost allocation mechanism and member market share calculations
  • advice and assistance in arranging members’ own WEEE takeback systems
  • an essential voice in engaging with government and other industry bodies

Local Authorities and Local Authority Site Operators

Local Authority sites are the backbone of the UK’s WEEE collection network. REPIC currently partners with hundreds of collection sites operated directly by councils or their chosen waste management partners.

We work closely with collection sites to optimise the service we provide through site visits, listening to feedback from site operatives, and thorough review meetings with the local authority or their site operator.

REPIC takes a collaborative approach to working with local authority partners. For feedback from some of our local authorities please see the testimonials section at the bottom of this page.

Our services to local authorities and local authority site operators include:

  • updates and information on the WEEE and batteries regulations
  • a dedicated account manager to deal with queries and resolve issues
  • updates on potential funding opportunities and advice on applications
  • partnerships with service providers of the highest standard
  • regular service reviews and improvement initiatives
  • accurate and timely collections data for onward reporting
  • monitoring of collections data to seek service improvements
  • assistance in implementing reuse at local authority designated collection facility sites

Retailers and Distributors

We work closely with retailers of household EEE to provide WEEE collection and treatment solutions. REPIC offers:

  • bespoke solutions for retailers’ WEEE and battery collection needs
  • guidance on retailers’ obligations in relation to WEEE, batteries and packaging regulations

Other WEEE, batteries and packaging collectors

If you are involved in the collection of WEEE, batteries and packaging, REPIC provides:

  • an opportunity to become part of the growing REPIC collection partner network
  • guidance on your relevant obligations in relation to WEEE, batteries and packaging regulations

What is WEEE?

WEEE is waste electrical and electronic equipment. It is end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and covers virtually everything with a plug or battery. It is classed as either household (B2C) or non-household B2B).

With the Distributor Take-back Scheme (DTS) changes coming into effect on 1st January 2021, unless exempt, companies operating stores that sell electrical products will need to provide an in-store waste electricals takeback service to their customers.

REPIC can help your company to comply with these new Distributor take-back obligations. Our national network of approved service providers enables us to tailor support for our scheme members’ take back activities through the provision of fully compliant collection and treatment services. Offering a personal service to each scheme member and providing a compliant one stop solution for producer responsibility.

What are the changes to the Distributor Take-Back Scheme?

From 1st January 2021, if your company sells £100,000 or more of EEE per year and has at least one physical store, you can no longer opt out of in store takeback of waste electricals by joining the DTS.

Previously, it was possible for all Distributors to join the Distributor Take-back Scheme (DTS) to alleviate their obligations to take back waste electricals. The DTS will now only accept applications from online only Distributors or those companies with stores that have EEE sales of less than £100,000 per year. All other businesses with Distributor obligations must now make arrangements to provide an in-store takeback service.

The aim of this change is to ensure that consumers have an easily accessible method of disposing of waste electricals when purchasing new products.

What in-store take back service do I need to provide?

If your company sells £100,000 or more of EEE per year and has at least one physical store, Distributors will need to take Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) back in store.

WEEE take back in store

There are two types of take-back requirements that are relevant for all obligated Distributors:

  • ‘Like for Like’ take back
  • General take back

‘Like for Like’ Take Back – All obligated Distributors

Retailers and Distributors must allow consumers to return items equivalent in type to those they purchase from the retailer. This accounts for both items bought in-store and those provided via online / mail order service. Brand and cost are not considered relevant factors here, but function and usage are; for example, if a customer purchases a brand new DVD player to replace an outdated VHS player, the retailer must still accept the exchange item.

In store services must be free of charge but costs of transport can be applied for items collected at the point of home delivery.

This service must be offered for all types of product the retailer sells and a 28 day period from point of purchase needs to be offered to the consumer during which they can return an equivalent waste item.

‘General’ take back – Retailers with >400 square metres floor space

Retailers with greater than 400 square metres floor space allocated to the sale of electrical products (including aisle, display and shelf space) will be required to accept all items of “very small WEEE”.

You must provide this service to everyone for free, regardless of whether they’ve bought anything from your store.

‘Very small WEEE’ are items of waste electrical and electronic equipment that are less than 25cm on their longest side.

What WEEE collection service is available to REPIC members?

REPIC offers a nationwide waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Retailer and Distributor take back collection and recycling service and an experienced hand to help you to comply with your new obligations.

Providing a tailored service to each scheme member with a take-back obligation, REPIC works with approved service providers to provide a fully compliant service.

Designed to match your specific needs around coverage, volumes and space in store, REPIC can provide a one stop solution for retailers with just one store, through to those with 100s of nationwide stores.

REPIC can offer solutions for single WEEE streams or more complex mixed WEEE loads. Whether the waste is packaged, hazardous or non-hazardous, we have a solution.

Solutions include WEEE boxes and WEEE bags with collection frequencies tailored to the store’s requirements.


REPIC uses its extensive operational experience in managing and handling WEEE, to deliver effective take back solutions to meet members’ obligations quickly.

Our market leading compliance solutions operate to high standards of corporate governance, providing you with peace of mind that your obligations are being met with both appropriate standards of safety and a quality and efficient service.

Benefits of using the REPIC WEEE Retailer and Distributor Take back service include:

  • Individual advice on obligations and business changes
  • Single point of contact for all your WEEE collection needs
  • Flexible, tailored service to suit your individual requirements
  • Training workshops for all store staff to ensure safe and efficient handling of WEEE
  • High quality, cost effective service
  • Individual member compliance reviews
  • Cradle-to-grave tracking and reporting of WEEE collected and treated to provide auditable compliance
  • Annual confirmation of compliance with your producer WEEE obligations