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Batteries Compliance Services What are batteries?

Batteries Compliance Services

REPIC operates an Environment Agency approved portable battery producer compliance scheme for our WEEE scheme members.

We are responsible for ensuring our members achieve their producer financing and reporting obligations for collection each year.

We pride ourselves in providing a market leading compliance solution and in ensuring that our members’ waste portable batteries are responsibly recycled.

We work with many organisations to achieve this:


 REPIC battery compliance services for producers include:

  • guidance on preparation of battery placed on the market data
  • access to REPIC’s unique registration system
  • tracking and reporting of waste batteries collected and treated to provide auditable compliance
  • independent audit and verification of cost allocation mechanism and member obligation
  • registering you as an automotive and industrial battery producer if this is applicable
  • an essential voice in engaging with government and other industry bodies

Distributors and Retailers

REPIC offers battery collection and treatment solutions for retailers of portable batteries. Our services include:

  • bespoke solutions for retailers’ WEEE and battery collection needs
  • providing guidance on retailer’s responsibilities and rights under the battery regulations

Other WEEE, batteries and packaging collectors

If you are involved in the collection of WEEE, batteries and packaging, REPIC provides:

  • an opportunity to become part of the growing REPIC collection partner network
  • guidance on your relevant obligations in relation to WEEE, batteries and packaging regulations.

What are batteries?

A battery or accumulator is considered to be any source of electrical energy generated by direct conversion of chemical energy and consisting of either:

  • one or more primary battery cells (non-rechargeable or disposable batteries); or
  • one or more secondary battery cells (accumulators or rechargeable batteries)

Batteries are classified as industrial, automotive or portable batteries.