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WATCH: REPIC’s Guide To Battery Recycling

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1 minute

Do you know how to recycle your old batteries?

Our national survey revealed that almost half of people in the UK don’t, with many keeping old batteries at home, or putting them in the normal bin.

Don’t think it’s a big deal? Watch this video to find out why battery recycling is so important and what you can do to make a difference:

The making of our Battery Recycling animation

After discovering that almost half of the UK doesn’t recycle old batteries, we made it our mission to spread the word about battery recycling.

We created the video animation with help from the children of Lowercroft Primary School in Bury, drawing upon their imagination and storytelling skills!

Battery Recycling Drawings

The children illustrated the recycling process, drawing futuristic robot images visualising what goes on inside the recycling plant.

Lowercroft Primary School

These hand-drawn images were brought to life in the two-minute video, created by animation studio, Kilogramme.

Lowercroft Primary School Students

Some of the children also went to a recording studio to narrate the animation and help tie the story together.

Primary Students Recording Voiceover

We hope you enjoyed our animation and that you will remember to recycle any old batteries you have at home!

Source: survey of 1,107 people conducted in September 2017 on behalf of REPIC.


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