WEEE and battery kerbside collection service sees significant uplift

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8th March 2022

Following appearances of HypnoCat on bin lorries, social media, leaflets and local radio across the region as part of the Recycle Your Electricals campaign. North Lincolnshire Council’s WEEE and Battery partnership with REPIC saw small mixed WEEE collected from its kerbside service increase by 28% in the twelve months of 2021.

Building on its previous great track record for kerbside recycling, in 2021 the council stepped up its efforts to promote its small WEEE kerbside collection scheme by joining the nationwide Recycle Your Electricals campaign funded by Material Focus. This enabled the council to promote its existing service to establish what additional WEEE could be collected as the result of an intensive PR drive. 


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The campaign was focussed on small WEEE which has low collection rates and being small is easily hoarded or disposed of in residual waste bin. Such campaigns provide invaluable data on how much small WEEE can be collected cost effectively considering local collection arrangements supported by a strong call to action for consumers.

This campaign resulted in a record 31.68 tonnes of small mixed WEEE from kerbside collections in the last calendar year, up from an average of 25 tonnes in previous years.

North Lincolnshire, like many other local authorities, has to address the ongoing challenge of collecting more materials for recycling without increasing costs. This scheme has provided a low cost, low risk way of capturing a valuable waste stream where small mixed WEEE and batteries are collected from households as part of a current fortnightly box collection of paper, glass and cans.

Although many local authorities collect WEEE at household waste recycling centres, few have scheduled household kerbside collection schemes for small WEEE and batteries. North Lincolnshire first introduced the scheme in December 2010.

For REPIC partner Local Authorities considering rolling out bolt-on kerbside WEEE and batteries collection services to its local residents, REPIC offers advice in assessing the viability of a scheme; how it can be bolted-on in the most efficient way to existing services and how to use communication to make it as easy as possible for local residents. 

REPIC is delighted to have been working in partnership with North Lincolnshire since 2010 for the collection and recycling of WEEE and batteries. REPIC collects WEEE and batteries from the council’s depots where the material has been consolidated from the up-lifts from its HWRC and kerbside collection services.

Case Studies

WEEE and battery kerbside collection service sees significant uplift


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Case Studies

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