Our partners

Our partners

REPIC is proud to be actively involved and affiliated with a range of organisations which share our ethos for fair and transparent implementation of producer responsibility legislation.

REPIC is a founder member of WEEE Europe, a pan-European non-profit-organisation based in Munich, Germany.

WEEE Europe offer a one-stop shop solution for producers placing EEE and batteries onto the European market. They support producers with their legal obligations regarding the WEEE and Batteries Directives observing the various corresponding national laws.  They offer:

  • Support with producer registration in 28 EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway
  • An online portal for centralised placed on the market EEE and Battery declarations
  • product classification in up to 120 different national categories
  • International consulting and contracts
  • Service of the leading partner Take-Back Systems in Europe

With many years of accumulated experience WEEE Europe offer an experienced and competent single point of contact, giving producers more time to get on with their core business.  For more information contact

The WEEE Forum is a knowledge and data sharing organisation formed by the other producer led national European WEEE compliance schemes. It has 38 members representing 27 EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland.

REPIC is proud to be one of the first schemes to take part in the WEEE Forum’s new “twinning” initiative.  Launched in April 2021, to sustain growth and support new WEEE Producer Responsibility Organisations emerging across the globe. New members, many of which are being established ahead of the implementation of legislation in their countries, will have the opportunity to twin with a more experienced organisation. This will help the new scheme tap into the knowledge and experience of its current members, to help shape collection infrastructure, and also influence how e-waste legislation is developed.

REPIC has “twinned” with Colombia based, Red Verde. The pairing provides a unique opportunity for both organisations to share their best practice and experience, and thereby further develop the responsible global collection and recycling of e-waste.


AMDEA is the UK trade association for manufacturers of large and small domestic appliances; representing over 85% of the domestic appliance industry, rising to 90% of white goods brands. Members’ products include most of the UK’s top selling brands of major white goods, other large and small kitchen appliances, heating, water heating, floor care, waste disposal and ventilation equipment.

ICER is a cross-industry association focusing on waste electrical and electronic equipment. It is a unique source of knowledge and expertise on WEEE and the key forum for industry to get together and channel views to decision-makers in government.

The JTA (Joint Trade Associations Group) is an alliance of nine trade associations working with three Producer Compliance Schemes to help make the UK WEEE collection work well. The JTA was formed to represent the views of EEE producers to Government and the market regarding producer responsibility obligations, including the WEEE Regulations.

JTA is an unincorporated body and is not a legal entity.

Portable Batteries Stakeholder Group

Portable Batteries Stakeholder Group informs and advises DEFRA on progress and issues arising with the system collecting waste portable batteries.

TechUK  is a technology trade association that represents more than 780 companies.

WEEE Schemes Forum

A UK body comprising many of the UK’s WEEE Producer Compliance Schemes, providing a Forum to input into the UK and European legislative process.


CIWM Affiliated Organisation

REPIC is a CIWM Affiliated Organisation, and is part of the mission to influence, inform and inspire the sustainable management of resources and waste in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

REPIC is a member of the ESA – Environmental Services Association –  who is working to transform waste and resource management in the UK.

REPIC is a full member of the Resource Management Association in Scotland (RMAS). The RMAS is a not for profit, non-political membership organisation for micro, small and medium sized resource management companies operating in Scotland. With the aim to ensure its members are well informed and that priority issues, risks, and opportunities are communicated and represented effectively to the Government, its various agencies, the commercial sector and the public.