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January 2023 update

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Consultation Outcomes pending

Introduction of EPR in the UK is closely aligned with other policy measures to increase the recycling of packaging, through clear messaging to consumers and changing behaviours.

The timescales for publication of the other outstanding consultation outcomes have been confirmed as:

    • Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland – expected early 2023
    • Consistency in Collections for Local Authorities in England – expected early 2023

Under the Deposit Return Scheme, consumers will pay a deposit on specified items of drinks packaging, which can ultimately be redeemed from producers to finance its collection. It is expected that the cost of recycling DRS collected packaging will be financed via the Packaging Recovery Note (PRN system). The arrangements for the DRS in Scotland, which will commence operation in August 2023, are slightly different in that both collection and recycling of DRS in-scope drinks packaging will be financed by the DRS Scheme. The DRS consultation outcome for England, Wales and Northern Ireland will have impacts for EPR packaging producers since producers of drinks packaging within the scope of the DRS will not contribute to the Local Authority household packaging collection costs.

The Consistency in Collections for Local Authorities in England consultation outcome is also of direct relevance to EPR producers who are considering collecting household packaging waste to offset their Local Authority household packaging costs. These costs can only be offset for collection of packaging wastes that are not commonly collected by 75% of Local Authorities in the country of producer registration. The outcome of this consultation will require all local authorities to collect defined packaging materials as a minimum, potentially with phased implementation dates, and will potentially mean that the types of packaging materials that can be used to offset Packaging producer household waste obligations will reduce over time.


REPIC Reporting by Nation Data ROOM

We hope you can join our next EPR Data ROOM on Friday 13th January 2023 at 11:30am.
This is a 30-minute session where we will discuss the Reporting by Nation obligation for those supplying packaging to business and consumer end-users. We welcome your feedback on our REPIC ROOMs, feel free to provide suggestions of topics for future sessions.

REGISTER for our Reporting by Nation Data ROOM

EEE & Battery Data Submissions

The deadline for you to provide us with your Q4 2022 EEE and Battery placed on the market data is 21st January 2023. As this is the final quarter of the year, please take the opportunity to review all of your 2022 data submissions and contact us if you need to make any adjustments.

Small Producers – EEE and Batteries

Small producers who placed less than 5 tonnes of EEE, or less than 1 tonne of Batteries on the UK market in 2022, and who are registered directly with the relevant Agency, will need to submit EEE and / or Batteries data for 2022 on NPWD at National Packaging Waste Database (environment-agency.gov.uk) by 31st January 2023.
You will also need to register on NPWD by 31st January 2023 if you will be a small EEE or Battery producer in 2023.

2023 REPIC WEEE & Battery Membership certificates

Certificates for the 2023 compliance year will be emailed to all members by 15th January 2023.

Contact janetteollerhead@repic.co.uk if you have any queries.

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