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Join us on our Two Decade Tour.

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Celebrating the Completion of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour

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After nine incredible days and 565 miles, REPIC’s Two Decade Tour (TDT) collaboration event on two wheels has successfully come to a close. 

The journey from REPIC’s headquarters in Bury to Brussels, the home of the WEEE Directive, was filled with challenging cobble climbs, scenic routes, and unforgettable moments that tested the riders’ resilience and showcased the true spirit of teamwork.


Across the nine days, the daily teams of dedicated cyclists pushed through various terrains and all weather conditions. From the beautiful landscapes of the Cotswolds and historic sites of London, to the cobblestone climbs in Belgium; every mile brought its own set of experiences and triumphs. 

The support from REPIC’s partners and the wider WEEE community, including fantastic receptions at the AO treatment facility in Telford and at REPIC member, GroupeSEB’s Botanica office in Ditton Park, added significant meaning to the journey.

Over nine days, 27 cyclists rode a collective 6,292 miles, some cycling for one or two days, others for all nine. Meanwhile, those REPIC employees who opted to stay in the office, also walked their way to Brussels, with a combined 588 miles achieved in just over eight days. 


REPIC was joined on the TDT by representatives from ILM Highland, AO Recycling, GAP Group, Enva, CCL North Ltd and Restructa, AMDEA, SWEEEP and GAMBICA.

Graeme Milne, REPIC’s Chief Executive, commented: “Our 20th anniversary Two Decade Tour industry event has again highlighted the power of collaboration and the strength of REPIC’s relationships with the WEEE sector. 

Throughout the 565 miles from Bury to Brussels, we experienced first-hand the incredible support and camaraderie that exists within the WEEE community. This event has undoubtedly significantly strengthened our relationships and reinforced our commitment to working together. I want to extend my thanks to everyone who participated and supported us along the way.”

On the final day, the team of ten cycled into Brussels, pedalling with force and brushing off the heavy rain to meet the 2pm arrival deadline. The sight of the Atomium marked the end of the long ride and the beginning of a celebration hosted by Belgium WEEE scheme, Recupel. 

All the cyclists were welcomed by REPIC’s Chief Executive, Graeme Milne, and representatives from Recupel, with refreshments and artisan cakes providing a fitting end to an incredible journey.

That evening, riders and guests were joined by Pascal Leroy, Director General of the WEEE Forum, whose presence highlighted the collaborative efforts within the European WEEE community. Arrival cocktails were kindly provided courtesy of REPIC’s Scottish WEEE treatment partner, Binn Group.

The night was filled with heartfelt speeches from REPIC Chief Executive, Graeme Milne, and PR lead, Karen Adams who composed and read a fantastic poem covering the event highlights; both of whom reflected on the significance of the journey and the dedication of everyone involved.

The completion of REPIC’s Two Decade Tour has been a powerful reminder of what we can achieve together, and it sets the stage for many more milestones to come. 

 To view all the photos and journal from each of the nine days, please visit: https://tour.repic.co.uk/

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