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CE-RISE Optimising reuse of raw materials

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CE-RISE Optimising reuse of raw materials

CE-RISE is a Horizon Europe and UK Research and Innovation project aiming to optimise raw material reuse and recovery in electronic products.



To optimise the reuse of secondary raw materials (SRMs) and optimise their reuse, this project will specifically develop and pilot an integrated framework and information systems that increases traceability and transparency of resources in value chains. The aim is to make it easy for industries to trace raw materials all the way through from production through use, to how and where they are treated as waste. To optimise reuse of critical raw materials, minimise waste and help stimulate circular business models.



CE-RISE will develop and pilot an integrated framework and an ensuing resource information system to identify optimal solutions for the effective reuse, recovery, and/or recycling of materials by

  1. Defining a set of criteria to evaluate the extent to which products and embedded components can be reused, repaired, refurbished and/or recycled – so called RE criteria
  2. Incorporating information on RE criteria and material composition of products into a Digital product passport (DPP) to enable traceability of materials in the supply chain
  3. Integrating DPP with information on the product environmental footprint (PEF), and socio-economic and environmental (SEE) impacts of RE processes
  4. Enabling confidential and anonymised information sharing among actors throughout value chains
  5. Providing open access software application to disseminate information on the assessment of RE criteria, PEF and SEE impacts of products to all stakeholders including consumers and policymakers.

For more information, please visit the dedicated project website: https://ce-rise.eu/

Latest updates from September 2023:

The CE-RISE project was collectively looking for consumers (B2C) and customers (B2B) to share their ideals and experience of digital product passports (DPP) to enable traceability of materials in the supply chain. This provided the opportunity to tell the project what you’d like to see in any new DPP: https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=7rTNQbhFk0aAadzJ3B6UzNf-kLXDeklFvv_fwAGDnu1UMTVCWDYxV0ZUNjNVN0c3TldPSTlFUE5ZMS4u

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