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Research – analysis of the WEEE system

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REPIC was a contributing partner to the research carried out by Anthesis, commissioned by Material Focus, to map the flow of electricals in the UK

Electrical waste – challenges and opportunities research paper

Building on previous studies, the objective of this research carried out by Anthesis was to develop a robust inventory of the different routes by which EEE and WEEE flow through the UK economy, to relate to WEEE Directive target setting and as a basis for recommendations to improve recycling.

Gathering data through primary research (e.g. surveys and sampling), stakeholder engagement, mathematical modelling and by reviewing the relevant literature. Anthesis investigated 21 different flows that influence the UK recycling rate for WEEE. REPIC supported this research project because it believed this vital area of research will benefit our producer members and help to achieve a circular economy. 

Final report: Electrical Waste - Challenges and Opportunities


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