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ProSUM – Urban Mine project

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REPIC leads on the ProSUM project to establish a European network on secondary sources of critical raw materials.

 ProSUM – Urban Mine project

 The ProSUM project developed the very first EU-wide and open-access Urban Mine Platform (UMP). This dedicated web portal offers a comprehensive inventory identifying, quantifying and mapping critical raw materials (CRM) stocks and flows at national and regional levels across Europe.

ProSUM – “prosum” is Latin for “I am useful” – provides a factual basis for policy makers to design appropriate legislation, academia to define research priorities and to identify innovation opportunities in recovering CRMs for the recycling industry

The user-friendly portal allows users to select and produce charts quickly. It is populated by a centralised database containing all readily available data on market inputs, stocks in use and hibernated, compositions and waste flows of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), vehicles and batteries for all EU 28 Member States plus Switzerland and Norway. The knowledge base is complemented with an extensive library of more than 800 source documents and databases.

By leading this project, REPIC achieved a crucial milestone in prospecting for the material resources in WEEE.

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