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REPIC Schools Campaigns

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Educating and inspiring the next generation of recyclers

REPIC Schools campaigns

Through its partnerships with Local Authorities, REPIC continues to drive awareness and improve local WEEE recycling rates with educational, fun and unique ideas to attract the interests and participations of local schools.

Campaigns delivered have included:

REPIC School Adventure Challenge

Working in partnership with 11 schools in various local authorities, each child in the class was asked to take one R3P1C soft toy (REPIC’s WEEE Robot mascot) home on a rota basis and complete a short story about an adventure he/she has been on with R3P1C. A camera was provided to capture photographs from the adventure. Each short story and photograph were then loaded onto our website. All participating schools were awarded cameras, WEEE educational packs and each child received their own R3P1C to keep at home.


REPIC Pass it On Storybook

Eight schools across the UK took it in turn to develop a chapter of the recycling story, each one completing their chapter and passing it on to the next school to continue the adventure. The book titled ‘A most unexpected day at the recycling plant’ was then illustrated and printed with copies being passed out to all the children involved in the campaign.


REPIC School Battery Animation

After discovering that almost half of the UK doesn’t recycle old batteries, REPIC was on a mission to spread the word about battery recycling. Teaming up with its local school, Lowercroft Primary School in Bury, REPIC ran a workshop session for the children to help illustrate the recycling process and create the futuristics robot designs. Some of the children also visited the recording studio to narrate the animation.

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