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Understanding consumer behaviour

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REPIC invests annually in consumer research to understand more about behaviours and motivations to help find messages and solutions to enable people to do the right thing.

Understanding consumer behaviour around use and disposal of electricals in the home

REPICs investment in annual consumer research continues to build valuable knowledge on consumer behaviour, motivations and attitudes and the variety of different electrical and electronic in the home today.

Date conducted Sample size Research overview
May 2022 3,001 – Nationally representative sample Hoarding and lifespan of electricals in the home

Based on the UNITAR WEEE Flows tool kit to establish the information on hoarding and the lifespan of products (the length of time before the products show up in the waste stream)

Conducted across 42 small electrical product types.

May 2021 2,055 – Nationally representative sample Understanding attitudes towards repairing and purchasing second hand/reused electrical products

Attitudes and motivations to purchasing second hand and/or reused electricals – how this varies by product type

Uncovered the demand for second hand and reused products in the UK

Customer profile of who purchases second hand and/or reuse


November 2019







Jan 2020


1,002 – Nationally representative sample





35 participants from online survey

How many electrical items in today’s home and in what condition are they in

Online survey followed by detailed mobile ethnography study

Part One:

How many electricals are in UK homes – the amount of working, unused and broken items across all categories

What households do with broken and unused electricals

Part Two:

In home immersion – observing specific households to understand what people underclaim and which categories underclaim the most

What do people do with used electricals

2015 – 2018














EEE and WEEE in UK homes

Annual research on amount of EEE and WEEE in UK homes and the routes people use to dispose of end of life products





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