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Past Month – March 2021
The REPIC team has participated in a number of workshops facilitated by ICER to help inform Defra’s forthcoming WEEE Regulations consultation.

Topics have included:

●       How to increase WEEE collections and reuse,

●       Retailer obligations

●       B2B WEEE system

As an invited PCS member of the JTA’s EPR sub-group, REPIC has continued its work on informing Defra’s WEEE Regulations consultation process on behalf of producers.

This has included developing a B2B system proposal and highlighting other key areas for review.

REPIC was also involved with the JTA’s compliance fee sub-group to successfully mobilise the JTA’s compliance fee methodology for the 2020 compliance year. In the absence of the JTA mechanism a significant compliance fee fund would have been generated.

●       Response to WEEE collection targets consultation

REPIC has consulted with scheme members and trade associations, undertaken analysis and gathered evidence in order to provide a fact based response to Defra’s 2021 WEEE collection target consultation.

The support of REPIC members in this process is much appreciated.

●       Producer Responsibility Covid-19 group

REPIC continues to participate in three weekly calls between Defra, the Agencies and Devolved Administration and industry groups to identify any issues arising within the producer responsibility systems due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has helped REPIC to deal with operational issues swiftly and flag scheme member concerns to government.

●       Eco-modulation project meeting

REPIC is a key member of the new task force (TFEM) set up to develop harmonised criteria for eco-modulation on a select number of products.

●       WEEE Flows toolkits project

REPIC sits on the steering group of this UNITAR project commissioned to develop toolkits for PCSs to enable them to produce harmonised data from surveys and sampling.

●       Ops Group – WEEE Collections

REPIC sits on the working group to share best practice on collection. Currently the group is reviewing a new platform for sharing information and a workshop for WEEE Forum members.

●       CEWaste project findings

REPIC joined over 200 stakeholders to learn about the work and results of the CEWaste project and discuss the future of critical raw material (CRM) recycling.



●       WEEE Fund

REPIC has provided input to Material Focus, the operators of the JTA compliance fee fund, on a number of projects including kerbside collection of WEEE, waste battery management, B2B EEE and WEEE flows and behaviour and communications campaign.

●       New ROOMs one hour updates

REPIC held its first in a series of one hour ROOMS – on B2B WEEE. Packaging and batteries are to follow. We would welcome suggestions on other topics that are important to scheme members.

●       Lancaster University carbon calculator update

REPIC is sponsoring an MSc researcher at Lancaster University to develop a carbon calculator. This will enable us to calculate the carbon benefit of our WEEE recycling activities. Initial results shared for transport impacts.


What’s on the horizon:

Forward look – April 2021
●       Attendance at the full JTA meeting

Topics under discussion include:

○       Eco-design

○       Waste prevention plan consultations

○       WEEE system review

●       JTA’s Packaging panel discussion

Panels to explore the key themes in the packaging consultation and inform responses

●       Producer Responsibility Covid-19 group


●       Battery stakeholder meeting

●       Eco-modulation project meeting and full TFEM

Initial review of product priority list and review of compliance costs. Ahead of full task force review.

●       Collections workshop

Presentations from members on best practice and innovation.

●       PolyCE project results webinar

Attendance to hear results of the EU funded project focused on the circular economy for plastics in EEE and WEEE.

●       Member’s workshop on 28th April

Workshop for REPIC members who would like a refresher on their producer responsibilities or for those new to producer responsibility.

●       Lancaster University carbon calculator update

Project update meeting with early results being discussed.

●       Lets Recycle reuse seminar

External presentation on reuse projects


Latest news updates


REPIC’s Executive Chairman appointed to WEEE Europe

Mr Bokhari has recently made the transition to Executive Chairman of REPIC and through his new appointment as a Director of Supervisory Board, WEEE Europe AG, will continue to add value to producers by offering an international approach to compliance.

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