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REPIC members champion more accessible e-waste management

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REPIC, a leading WEEE producer compliance scheme committed to responsible waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) management on behalf of its producer members, is proud to announce its proactive support for International E-Waste Day, a global initiative organised by the WEEE Forum.

This event, led in the UK by REPIC, a founding WEEE Forum member, is celebrated every year on 14th October. This year, the campaign aims to raise awareness about invisible e-waste – the electricals that often go unrecognised and may not be properly recycled within the appropriate waste stream – alongside further education on the importance of reuse and recycling life electricals in order to keep valuable resources in circulation.

As part of this initiative, REPIC is teaming up with five producer members across multiple UK locations to provide their employees with the opportunity to bring their unwanted or broken electricals to work for responsible reuse and recycling.

The new pop-up collection points for electricals, together with the Recycle Your Electricals campaign awareness raising materials, will encourage, inspire and enable more people to recycle smaller electricals that are no longer used, unwanted or broken. The new collection points have been in place from Monday 2nd October for a period of two weeks.

REPIC’s participation in this initiative exemplifies its commitment to smart, tailored collection systems that offer safer and efficient recycling collections.

Louise Grantham, Chief Executive from REPIC, commented, “By participating in International E-Waste Day and offering collection points in office locations, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of reuse and recycling and encourage more people to pass on their unwanted electricals. Maximising the use of the precious resources in electricals is essential if we are to deliver a more circular economy.”

The WEEE Forum’s International E-Waste Day provides an opportunity for organisations, governments, and individuals to come together and raise awareness about the need for responsible e-waste management.

Andrew Mullen, REPIC board member and Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Beko, adds: “We are proud to support International E-Waste Day by providing convenient recycling options for our UK employees. REPIC’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond compliance and this latest initiative provides us with a tangible solution to making responsible recycling accessible. Our employees are excited to participate in this initiative, which further exemplifies our dedication to our environmentally friendly practices.”


Many global organisations have already signed up to take part in the 2023 IEWD on 14th October. In the UK, Material Focus who run the Recycle Your Electricals campaign will be unveiling new research on the value of ‘Fast Tech’ products in our homes and the levels of hoarding of electricals. Globally the WEEE Forum will be sharing the research from its UNITAR report on the volumes of global invisible e-waste.

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