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REPIC WEEE Cycle event reaches the finish line

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After an incredible 15-day journey spanning 15 locations and covering over 850 miles, the REPIC WEEE Cycle Network event has successfully concluded. The remarkable initiative, which commenced in Alness, Highlands and culminated in Sittingbourne, Kent has not only connected a network of AATFs, Local Authority sites and repair and reuse organisations involved in the daily reuse and recycling of electricals, but has also showcased 15 extraordinary stories along the route.





The REPIC WEEE Cycle Network event aimed to highlight the importance of responsible electrical waste management and promote the sector’s transition to a more circular economy. By engaging various stakeholders, this event has played a vital role in raising awareness about the challenges and opportunities in the sector. Through its journey, it has not only celebrated the accomplishments of the past but also shown there is an exciting future ahead, focused on sustainability and innovation.

The final two stages saw the REPIC WEEE Cycle Network event travel through London passing through many of the city’s parks and key landmarks. The momentous occasion was marked by a meeting with Recycling Minister, Rebecca Pow outside Defra’s Marsham Street offices. The event provided the opportunity for Defra and REPIC to reflect on their long standing working relationship and highlight what can be achieved through cross sector collaboration.

For the final day, the team completed a 45 miles cycle from Bexleyheath to Sittingbourne (Friday 16th June) and the REPIC WEEE Cycle Network event drew to a close when the twelve riders crossed an impressive finishing line at SWEEEP Kuusakoski’s Gas Road treatment facility in Sittingbourne. The riders were led over the finishing line by Louise Grantham, Chief Executive of REPIC with the final rider, Andy Kellar, REPIC’s Contract Services Manager, enjoying a well-deserved round of applause from the waiting crowds as the only pedal bike rider to complete all 15 days, 850 miles.

Justin Greenaway, Commercial Manager at SWEEEP Kuusakoski, today’s final event host and one of the ten cyclists on today’s stage, commented: “We are honoured to have been asked to host this milestone stage and have been fully supportive of all the positive stories that have been told about the sector over the past 15 days.

“It’s important to take time out to reflect just how far the sector has travelled and developed, and what we’ve learned, and I’m grateful to have enjoyed and participated in this experience with REPIC.”

Throughout the 15 day adventure, the REPIC WEEE Cycle event has garnered significant attention and support for the various organisations and individuals involved in the reuse and recycling of electricals. Participants, supporters and the wider sector communities have been captivated by the stories shared along the route, which showcase the positive impact the responsible reuse and recycling of electricals has had over the past 15 years.

From tales of refurbishment of electricals items for disadvantaged families to innovative recycling initiatives that help conserve valuable natural resources, each story exemplifies the transformative potential of embracing a circular economy. The REPIC WEEE Network has demonstrated how collaborative and collective action can drive positive change and inspire others to adopt more sustainable practices.

The event also served as a platform to contemplate the future of reuse and recycling of electricals in the UK. It has provided an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and help shape the forthcoming WEEE consultation. By facilitating dialogue between industry experts and policy makers the REPIC WEEE Cycle Network event has further helped lay the foundations for informed decision making and strategic sector planning.

The organisers of the REPIC WEEE Cycle Network event express their gratitude to all the participants, volunteers, sponsors and supporters that made this incredible journey possible. Louise Grantham, Chief Executive of REPIC, commented: “The unwavering commitment and enthusiasm of the REPIC team and all our guest riders to complete this 15 day journey have truly made this an experience to remember. I hope the experience, friendships and camaraderie built over these 15 days will continue to inspire and further support the sector’s advancements in developing a more circular economy for electricals.”

As a lasting legacy of the event, REPIC and its sponsors have pledged to donate a total of £15,000 to various local good causes along the 15 day REPIC WEEE Cycle Network event route.

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