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REPIC operates an Environment Agency approved Portable Battery compliance scheme providing market leading battery compliance services to producers.

What is a battery?

A battery or accumulator is any source of electrical energy generated by direct conversion of chemical energy and consisting of either:

  • one or more primary battery cells (non-rechargeable or disposable batteries)
  • or one or more secondary battery cells (accumulators or rechargeable batteries)

Batteries are classified as either industrial, automotive or portable batteries, and there are different producer obligations for each type. See guidance below for more information.

Do I need to comply?

Take our quick Battery compliance test and find out if you are obligated.

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Our Portable Battery compliance scheme

REPIC operates an Environment Agency approved portable battery compliance scheme, providing cost effective and market leading compliance services to producers.

REPIC works closely with portable battery collectors, distributors and authorised battery treatment operators (ABTOs) to finance the collection and treatment of portable batteries on behalf of producer members, providing peace of mind they will meet their financing obligations and that all waste is properly transported, handled and processed with clear auditable routes. REPIC’s bespoke system maintains cradle to grave tracking of waste portable batteries, offering a quality assured service to all our scheme members.


Our Portable Battery compliance services cover:

As an approved portable battery compliance scheme, REPIC is responsible for ensuring our members achieve their producer financing and reporting obligations each year.

REPIC’s quality assured service partners ensure that waste portable batteries are collected and treated to high standards and REPIC’s bespoke system provides peace of mind through its cradle to grave tracking.

REPIC offers its portable battery scheme members cost effective compliance with their battery producer responsibility obligations, delivered with the high quality standards and services members expect from REPIC.

We do this by providing a range of essential services including:

  • Direct access to the full REPIC team, allowing you to obtain advice directly from our compliance, environmental, finance, operations and reporting specialists
  • Guidance on reporting your data and helping you understand the impact any changes in your business may have on your producer responsibility obligations
  • Assistance with complying with your producer responsibility obligations throughout Europe
  • Timely updates on relevant consultations, legislation and industry developments
  • Advice on meeting your distributor obligations, where relevant
  • Regular reminders to report data and any other important information required to fulfil your producer obligations
  • Bespoke advice and support in arranging battery take back systems, both as a producer and distributor
  • Supporting your budgeting processes through the provision of regular cost information
  • An essential voice in engaging with government and other industry bodies
  • Access to the latest research, reports and guidance documents
  • Reports the industrial and automotive battery data you provide to the relevant authorities

What do I need to do next?

If your business places more than one tonne of portable batteries onto the UK market in a year, you must join a Battery Compliance Scheme (BCS) by 15th October prior to each compliance year.

Download the following guidance

Your full obligations as a Battery producer


To discuss our Battery producer compliance service.

Please contact the REPIC team today:

Laura Crehan

Head of Operations

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Janette Ollerhead

Membership Services Manager

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Do I need to comply?

Take our quick portable battery compliance test and find out if you are obligated

    You are not a battery producer.
    You are not a portable battery producer but should register with Department for Business & Trade (formerly BEIS) as an automotive and/or industrial battery producer.
    You are a small portable battery producer and should register directly with the Environment Agency. If relevant you should also register with Department for Business & Trade (formerly BEIS) as an automotive and/or industrial battery producer.
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