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Working with REPIC

Reuse organisations

Moving towards a circular economy requires a greater emphasis on keeping products in circulation for longer. Prioritising reuse before recycling, wherever practicable.

EEE reuse allows us to breathe new life into electricals.

Refurbishing and repairing products to the highest quality standards, while reducing waste and keeping valuable products and materials in circulation for as long as it is still economical and environmentally sound to do so, is the right thing to do.

REPIC’s efforts contribute to the circular economy, promoting a more sustainable approach to consumption and production.

REPIC supports its members throughout the entire product lifecycle and as interest in reuse continues to grow, we have established partnerships with commercial businesses, social enterprises, and charities to help deliver high quality reuse operations. We utilise our knowledge and expertise in the sector, to tailor a bespoke solution accordingly.

Helping communities

Our partners seek to refurbish as many electrical appliances as feasible. These refurbished products are then sold or donated to charities offering access to quality and affordable refurbished electricals to those households that prefer to buy second-hand goods for economic, social or environmental reasons.

Maximising opportunities

Every time we refurbish an electrical we reduce waste and keep valuable resources in circulation for longer, which supports our environment. Done well, the recycling and refurbishment of electricals can also support local economies with jobs and provide vital services to the most vulnerable in our communities.

REPIC is always keen to hear from commercial, social enterprises and charities that would like to partner with us to enhance reuse operations in the UK.

Placing our values - collaboration, respect and expertise - at the heart of our operations, as a REPIC approved partner, our partnered reuse organisations benefit from:

  • 1
    Access to leading producers and local authorities

    Maximising opportunities for reusing, refurbishing and repurposing items requires a partnership approach where individual parties come together with aligned goals. As a leading UK producer compliance scheme, with over a hundreds local authorities, REPIC is in a unique position to be able to coordinate and enhance reuse projects.

  • 2
    Transparency in supply chains

    We only work with service partners that meet our high quality standards and strict criteria for environmental performance.

  • 3
    High standards

    We approve all our partners by asking each one to complete our audit process, fulfil monthly data reporting obligations for each site you would receive items for reuse from.

  • 4
    Continuous improvements

    Providing ongoing feedback and improvements to your service allows us to provide a level of excellence and value that exceeds expectations.

  • 5
    Clear and open communications

    With regular review meetings and up to date information, you also receive the full support of a dedicated team, who work closely with your business to coordinate all communications and site service collection requirements.

  • 6
    Real value

    We strive to use our expertise to improve in all we do as it’s important to us, our members and to the future.

Looking to become an approved REPIC reuse partner?

Please contact:

Andy Kellar

Contract Services Manager

Email Andy

Ulrick Gineau

Contract Coordinator

Email Ulrick

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