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European compliance

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), Batteries and Packaging producer responsibility legislation operates throughout Europe.

The vast majority of our members operate beyond the borders of the UK. We are committed to providing international support for all of them.

REPIC is a founding member of WEEE Europe – the largest partnered network of similar not for profit producer led compliance schemes that provide cost effective and efficient compliance services for EEE, Batteries and Packaging throughout Europe.

Similar to the UK WEEE Regulations, the WEEE Directive regulates the handling, disposal and recycling of electrical waste across the EU. Each EU member state has enacted their own national law to bring the WEEE Directive into force. Companies placing Electrical or Electronic Equipment (EEE) on the market in any European country must ensure they comply with the producer responsibility legislation that applies in that country.

A similar position exists in relation to Batteries and Packaging, although this is not in force in every country currently. 

As a member of REPIC, you have access to WEEE Europe who will guide you through the complexities of the requirements with their tailored consultancy services.


How can WEEE Europe help?

Importers and manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) are required to register as producers with the relevant national EU authorities. Each country in Europe has implemented the WEEE Directive in a different way, and some are in the process of implementing extended producer responsibility (EPR). Similar requirements operate in most countries for batteries and packaging too.

Removing the complexities of compliance across all European countries, WEEE Europe offers producers with one point of contact to discuss their European Battery, Packaging and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance requirements.

WEEE Europe will provide tailored advice on your producer responsibility obligations in each country.

What do I need to do next?

Contact our membership services team to establish, what, if any, European producer responsibility obligations your business may have under the EU Directives for EEE, Batteries and Packaging.

Looking to find out about producer responsibility in Europe?

Please contact the REPIC membership services team today:

Janette Ollerhead

Membership Services Manager

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Laura Crehan

Head of Operations

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