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Making a Difference

REPIC plays a key part in shaping the circular economy of tomorrow and supports its members with the latest knowledge, research and connections that make a real difference to the responsible reuse and recycling of end of life products in the UK and Europe.

REPIC's involvement in a wide range of international, national and local level steering groups, research projects and new initiatives span the following areas:

For the future

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For people & environment

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For the sector

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Current projects

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Contributing to the transition to a circular economy

In addition to the cost effective, market leading producer compliance services that REPIC provides for WEEE, Batteries and Packaging, REPIC plays a key role in helping to shape the circular economy of tomorrow.

Through embracing an innovative and forward thinking approach our producer-centric focus allows us to invest our time and resources into market leading research projects, cultivating long standing relationships with Government and actively contributing to policy development.  We strive to expand our knowledge base and build long term partnerships that will make a real difference to responsible reuse and recycling.

Leading and shaping producer responsibility

REPIC works closely with many organisations at local, national and international level to contribute to the responsible development of producer responsibility.

Our continuous investment in knowledge and research helps inform debate and evidence backed policy.

Our vision drives us to make a real difference and remain at the forefront.

Greater depth of knowledge

REPIC is constantly driving to achieve a greater depth of knowledge and keep its position as a leader in its field, offering value through the transfer of knowledge and specialist expertise, REPIC plays a key role in many leading sector organisations.

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Informing policy

The research carried out and depth of knowledge gained, means REPIC has an enviable position in offering sound advice to many government departments and professional organisations on behalf of its producer members.

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Problem solving

With research strongly linked to problem solving and investment in the right research, REPIC consistently supports its recommendations for overcoming obstacles within the sector with real evidence and data.

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Collaborative partnerships

REPIC continuously shares the knowledge gained with the wider sector to improve systems, process and seek alternative, more effective ways of working. These learnings also offer the opportunity to explore new ideas, new ways of thinking to further benefit member’s businesses.

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Improving awareness and investing in education

REPIC’s investments in education and improving awareness of consumers behaviour and their attitudes towards reuse and recycling has had a profound impact on the sector and local communities’ knowledge on what to do with end of life electricals.

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