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REPIC operates Environment Agency and NIEA approved packaging compliance schemes providing market leading compliance services to producers

What is packaging?

Packaging is anything that is used to contain, protect, deliver or present goods. Goods could be raw materials or processed items.

Packaging can take many forms and includes boxes, pallets, labels, containers, tubes, bags, sacks, tape, wrapping and binding and tying material. For the definition of packaging click here.

Do I need to comply?

Currently, under the Packaging Waste Regulations, companies or a UK group of companies with a turnover of £2m per annum and dealing with more than 50 tonnes of packaging annually that carry out any of the packaging activities outlined in the Regulations must register by 31st March in each compliance year as a packaging producer and meet their packaging waste financing obligations. Producers can register directly, or through a producer compliance scheme such as REPIC.

Changes to the UK Packaging Waste Regulations commenced in 2023 in the form of Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging. The changes introduced new guidance, reporting and financial obligations for packaging producers.

Companies with a turnover of £1m and dealing with more than 25 tonnes of packaging annually that carry out any of the packaging activities outlined in the regulations now also have actions to take. The reduction by half from the current Regulations – in terms of both annual turnover and tonnage of packaging handled – means that many smaller companies, which were previously out of scope, need to collect packaging data. The requirements to do this is from January 2023 onwards although data for 2023 does not need to be submitted.

Our guidance notes provided below explain your producer obligations in more detail under the current Packaging Waste Regulations and the new Extended Producer Responsibility legislation. If you would like to discuss how your company might be impacted by the changes to the Packaging Waste Regulations and what, if any, additional obligations your business has under the new EPR Packaging Regulations, please get in touch with our membership services team today.


Our Packaging compliance services

REPIC’s market leading, Packaging compliance service is delivered by a team of dedicated experts to help our scheme members achieve their packaging producer financing and reporting obligations.

REPIC seeks to lead and shape producer responsibility through operating market leading services, investing in research, building long-standing relationships with government and other industry stakeholders and contributing to policy development, REPIC puts the needs and requirements of its producer members first.

Our services as a Packaging compliance scheme

REPIC offers its Packaging scheme members cost effective compliance with their Packaging producer responsibility obligations, delivered with the same high quality standards and services members expect from REPIC.

  • Guidance on calculating the packaging you place on the market under the Packaging Waste Regulations and Extended Producer Responsibility, and helping you understand the impact any changes in your business may have on your producer responsibility obligations
  • Assistance with complying with your producer responsibility obligations throughout Europe
  • Fulfil your recycling and recovery obligations under the Packaging Waste Regulations by obtaining Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) and offsetting your obligation with any PRNs generated through your own recycling initiatives
  • Keeping you informed about the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility, how this will impact your company and the actions you need to take
  • Timely updates on relevant consultations, legislation and industry developments
  • Comprehensive support and advice on packaging recycling and waste issues
  • Undertaking on-site visits for data and waste & recycling audits
  • Submission of an annual Declaration of Compliance to the appropriate Environment Agency
  • Supporting your budgeting processes through the provision of regular cost information
  • An essential voice in engaging with government and other industry bodies
  • Access to the latest research, reports and guidance documents

Download the following guidance

Obligations as a Packaging producer

Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) guidance


To discuss our Packaging producer compliance service.

Please contact the REPIC team today:

Vikki Law

Compliance & Quality Manager

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