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Working With REPIC

Service partners

We work together with our service partners to deliver efficient collection, transportation, treatment, reuse and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Batteries. 

Our partnerships are geared towards fostering innovation and delivering tangible strategic benefits.

REPIC’s unwavering commitment to continuously improving standards is essential in safeguarding the safety, quality, and reliability of its services.

Established and backed by leading electrical producers in the UK, REPIC has been championing industry best practices and nurturing enduring relationships throughout its collection, transportation, treatment, reuse, and recycling network since 2007.

Placing our values - collaboration, respect and expertise - at the heart of our operations, our approved service partners benefit from:

  • 1
    Transparency in supply chains

    We only work with local service partners that meet our strict criteria for environmental performance, including passing regular audits.

  • 2
    High standards

    We approve all our suppliers by asking each one to complete our audit process, fulfil monthly data reporting obligations and invoice requirements for each site you collect from.

  • 3
    Sustainable operations

    We encourage continuous improvements to your service through regular independent site audits and frequent feedback from our monitoring programme. Together, we must provide a level of excellence and value that exceeds expectations.

  • 4
    Clear and open communications

    With regular review meetings and up to date information, you also receive the full support of a dedicated team, who work closely with your business to coordinate all communications and service requirements.

  • 5
    Real value

    We strive to use our expertise to improve in all we do as it’s important to us, our members and to the future.

Looking to become an approved REPIC service provider?

Please contact:

Andy Kellar

Contract Services Manager

Email Andy

Ulrick Gineau

Contract Coordinator

Email Ulrick

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