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Producer-led compliance

Established by a national consortium of EEE producers, REPIC ensures that producers have a real say in leading and shaping producer responsibility.

Comprehensive support for producers

REPIC’s members do not have to navigate the complexity of producer responsibility alone. As valued members of the REPIC scheme, they benefit from economies of scale in terms of operations and recycling costs and a collective voice in helping to shape future legislation.

REPIC supports producers in many related activities including the provision of value added services such as the REPIC take back service for WEEE and Batteries, resource efficiency planning and carbon and sustainability reporting.

Not for profit operation

Operating on a not for profit cost recovery basis, all REPIC members are treated equally, whether large or small, and therefore only pay the true cost of compliance.

Founded by EEE producers, REPIC places the needs and requirements of its producer members first. REPIC recognises that compliance goes beyond cost and invests in strategic research, building long-standing relationships across the sector and contributing to policy development.

REPIC’s producer members receive the most up to date legislation guidance, insight from our annual national surveys and international research projects, to keep them ahead of any major changes and allow them to plan for the future. The data and intelligence gathered also helps to inform discussions and contribute towards future policy development, through the provision of robust facts and evidence.

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