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REPIC CEO, Louise Grantham, takes to the stage during Economist Sustainability Week

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Louise Grantham is Chief Executive of REPIC, the UK’s largest household WEEE compliance scheme, whose members are many of the UK’s leading household electrical brands, will take to the stage today at the prestigious Economist Sustainability Week event.

Titled “One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure”, the panel event taking place on Tuesday 5th March 2024 at 3:20pm, promises to be a dynamic platform for discussing innovative approaches to greening supply chains and achieving sustainability goals.

Louise Grantham will be there representing REPIC members – around half of the UK’s leading Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) producers. Alongside Louise, attendees will also hear from representatives from Pandora, Royal Mint, Recommerce Group, and eBay Global.

The session is being chaired by Eddie Milev, analyst, policy and insights, from Economist Impact.

Event Overview:

Economist Impact’s 9th annual Sustainability Week is set to explore business strategies for reaching net zero while fostering profitable growth alongside sustainability objectives. With over 200 speakers, 1200 in-person attendees, and an online audience of over 5,000 participants, this event is a cornerstone for gaining original insights and practical solutions in sustainability implementation. The event aims to showcase how companies globally can accelerate their sustainability efforts and achieve results faster.

Panel Discussion: Greening Supply Chains:

Louise Grantham’s participation in the panel discussion on greening supply chains underscores REPIC’s commitment to sustainability within the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) sector.

Louise will share insights into how since the introduction of the WEEE Directive, EEE producers have been contributing to increased sustainable practices, enhanced reuse operations and minimising waste across all operations, as the UK’s moves to a more circular economy.

Louise Grantham, commented: “Attending my first Economist event is an exciting opportunity to engage with global leaders in sustainability and exchange insights that can drive meaningful change. I look forward to contributing to the dialogue and collaborating with fellow industry leaders to accelerate our collective journey towards a more sustainable future.”

 Why It Matters:

As the world increasingly focuses on sustainability, businesses are recognising the importance of aligning profit goals with environmental responsibility. Economist Sustainability Week provides a unique opportunity for industry leaders to come together, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships aimed at driving meaningful change. By collaborating and sharing best practices, companies can accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future.

Meet the Influencers:

Economist Sustainability Week brings together the most influential voices in government, business, finance, and civil society. Attendees will have the chance to engage with thought leaders, gain valuable insights, and explore innovative solutions to pressing environmental challenges. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we can collectively work towards a world where sustainability is not just a goal but a reality.

Join REPIC tomorrow at the Economist Sustainability Week and be part of the conversation shaping tomorrow’s sustainability landscape.

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