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Andrea McLaughlan

Partnerships Manager (Scotland)

My role at REPIC: As the Partnerships Manager (Scotland) at REPIC, I am dedicated to fostering collaborative relationships with local authorities. My primary focus is on developing effective collection strategies, providing crucial guidance on regulatory compliance, and championing awareness and education initiatives related to WEEE and battery recycling. I stay abreast of regulatory changes, offering proactive insights to support our partners.

Reach out to me: I encourage local authorities seeking to partner with a producer compliance scheme to connect with me. If you are interested in learning more about REPIC WEEE or battery collections and exploring potential opportunities for collaboration, I am here to provide comprehensive information and discuss mutually beneficial prospects.



Laura Crehan

Head of Operations

Andy Kellar

Contract Services Manager

Chris Jackson

Account Manager for England and Wales

Sarah McCarron

Compliance Coordinator

Ulrick Gineau

Contract Coordinator

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