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Executive Team

Graeme Milne

Chief Executive

Leading the charge in strategic and commercial ventures, REPIC’s new Chief Executive brings a wealth of experience to the table. At the helm, Graeme will steer a dedicated team towards expanding services to enhance support for REPIC’s esteemed producer members.

My role in REPIC – As Chief Executive, I will lead a dynamic team focused on driving strategic and commercial projects, aimed at expanding our services to cater to the evolving needs of our producer members.

I’m eager to collaborate with EEE producers – current and new members – on joint initiatives. Together, exploring circular economy opportunities, devising waste reduction strategies, and championing sustainable production methods, paving the way for a more environmentally responsible future.

I’m dedicated to instilling a culture of innovation and excellence, executing strategic plans that propel us forward on this journey of growth and innovation.

Representing REPIC to stakeholders, government agencies, and industry associations, I advocate the values and interests of our producer members across regulatory landscapes and championing sustainability initiatives.

Contact me – Whether you’re a producer seeking innovative solutions or a stakeholder interested in partnering, I’m here to fuel our collective success. Reach out to me directly to explore how we can collaborate on strategic initiatives, forge impactful partnerships, and drive meaningful change in the industry.


Abs Bokhari

Executive Chairman

Mark Frakes

Finance Director

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