Bury to Brussels 13-21 June

Join us on our Two Decade Tour.

Executive Team

Mark Frakes

Finance Director

Role at REPIC: As REPIC’s Finance Director, my primary responsibility is to steer the company’s financial management, ensuring the resilience of our operating budget. I am dedicated to not only meeting but surpassing our financial targets while rigorously adhering to statutory regulations. A key focus of my role involves a continuous review of our processes and systems, aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies and effectiveness. I collaborate closely with the Executive team to craft and uphold a cost-effective business model, ensuring the delivery of coordinated and impactful services to our valued scheme members and suppliers.

Reach Out to Me: I encourage scheme members to connect with me if they have any enquiries about their current obligations or seek insights into forecasting future obligations. I am committed to providing clarity and support in navigating the financial aspects of their engagement with REPIC.


Graeme Milne

Chief Executive

Abs Bokhari

Executive Chairman

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